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We’re delivering in Metro Manila!

30 April 2020|

How many of you doubled your internet usage over the past month? We’re raising both our hands to that. We’ve definitely missed meeting up with friends. We’re chatting more these days to catch up and check on each other. Are they healthy? Have enough supplies? How are they doing with the work from home set-up? How about homeschooling?  Do you share recipes, too? Oh, many of our friends do, breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and desserts, of course! Because isn’t it always lovely to talk about food?

As for us, since we’ve also been working from home, we’ve launched our online shop finally! Yes, that’s right. Can you believe it? If you don’t, check it out here: Mama Sita’s Online Shop.

It took awhile for us to do this. We’ve always dreamed of having all our products available for ordering online. But we were taking our own sweet time because there was too much paperwork. We were also doing just fine offline until quarantining ourselves became inevitable.  Now that the movement of people outside the home is limited, everybody’s turning to the Internet looking for our products online, even the non-internet savvy. If it hadn’t been for the lockdown, we wouldn’t be able to actually make this online selling work!

And so, if you missed our newsletter last week, that’s because we were busy setting up our online shop and creating some Facebook ads to help make more people know about our products. We’re sorry for those of you outside of Metro Manila who can’t order yet.

If you haven’t followed our Facebook or Instagram yet, please click these links: Mama Sita’s Recipes on FacebookMama Sita’s Recipes (@mamasitasrecipes), and get the latest recipes and news from us. We’re posting something every day to help our followers think of what to cook and how to prepare them. If you’ve been following, have you seen our latest IG stories yet? We’ve featured some of our followers who have been cooking. You guys are the best!

Is this what they call FOMO? Fear of missing out—missing out on you—that if you don’t find our products in the grocery shops or online, we’d lose you. That’s why we are doing the very best that we can to serve your orders online, answer your queries, however little by little, and be with you in your cooking journey.

We don’t want to miss out on your food stories, too. Please put a hashtag #CookwithMamaSitas and #MKP. We’d like to know how you are coping and cooking in this stay-at-home age.

Stay safe!

~From your friends at Mama Sita’s Kitchen~

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