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Mama Sita Foundation brings MKP to Doha: Eskwela Caravan highlights Philippine cuisine in online event for students

1 October 2021|

The Mama Sita Foundation continues its initiative to share the Filipino culinary identity and heritage to Qatar with its first-ever online Eskwela Caravan. The Caravan brings an opportunity for Filipinos abroad to learn more about their cultural roots through engaging lectures and easy-to-follow cooking demos prepared by various culinary personalities in the Philippines.

Students of Grade 7, 9, and 10 at the Philippine School Doha, a non-profit basic learning institution founded in 1992, participate in the online event, which will be a supplementary lesson to their Food Technology classes.  The Caravan is split into 3 different sessions: a brief introduction to the history of ancestral Filipino food and their way of life, the influences of Asian neighbors on Philippine cuisine, and how the indigenization of Spanish and American cultures have influenced modern foodways.

Students will be learning more about iconic Filipino dishes, such as the delicately sour sinigang, belly-filling kare-kare, the party favorite palabok, all-time classic adobo, the diverse sisig, and even the humble rice.
The Caravan is also open to any Filipino school worldwide. Would you like us to drop by? Send an email at [email protected]!