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Philippine Postal Corporation Issues Mama Sita Commemorative Stamps

1 February 2018|

PHLpost and Mama Sita Foundation presenting the official first day cover of Mama Sita’s birth centennial commemorative stamp.

Teresita ‘Mama Sita’ Reyes commemorative postage stamps were recently issued
by Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), gathering Mama Sita family and
relatives, stamp collectors, and distinguished guests in an intimate and formal launch
in Manila Central Post Office.

The commemorative stamps are lined with the centenary tribute to the 100th birth
anniversary of Philippine’s favorite Ina, which has been continuously celebrated
since the early 2017 through various events and contests.

PHLPost released 80,000 copies of the Mama Sita stamps, designed by Ian Darren
Aycocho and Cristian Molina. Their work is an artist rendition of the country’s culinary
icon accompanied by the slogan, “Kababayan, Ina, Kusinera.”

Mama Sita’s interest in the local gastronomy directed her in the path where she
created her own line of mixes and sauces, aiming to bring the wonderful Filipino
flavors not just in the country but also abroad, especially for her fellowmen who had
been longing for the native delicacies.

Clara Reyes Lapus and stamp collector Mr. Jimmy Ang.

“Today, Mama Sita’s legacy and influence lives on, bringing the taste of the
Philippine cuisine to countless of Filipinos abroad by pioneering the use of special
mixes and seasonings to enrich the flavor of Filipino Food,” Postmaster General Joel
Otarra pointed out. “We are proud to be part of this important milestone in paying
tribute to ‘Mama Sita’s Birth Centenary’ and her untiring effort and dedication of
keeping the flavors of Filipino Food one of the world’s best.”

Mama Sita stamps can be purchased for Php 12.00 each, available at the Post
Shop, Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio Manila and post offices