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Thanksgiving Handaan Hangover Cures

28 November 2019|

That’s the thing about Thanksgiving, and handaan in general: when it’s over, there’s a feeling of fatigue from all that kitchen preparation, and eating a bit more than the usual. And yes, the hangover from alcoholic drinks and intoxicating conversations. 

Next morning’s mood be like eating leftovers while rewinding in your head all that happened–

the funny, the awkward, the heartwarming. And while you are in a daze,  your phone starts buzzing with reminders of appointments, and a list of things-to-do comes pouring in. 

How does one get back to feeling normal and functional? Well, we’re not an expert in this area, but we can suggest some things that might be able to help like going back to bed and having a rest from cooking. 

Or you could try these comforting food recipes that don’t require real cooking, simply a reliable rice cooker:

Mama Sita’s Champorado

Made from rice and pure cacao tableas. Its dark chocolate flavor can surely wake up one’s senses. Just pour the contents of the pack into a rice cooker and add some water, as suggested. You can leave it for a while to take a nap, and when it’s cooked, the aroma of simmering hot chocolate porridge has filled the air, you can’t resist to get up.

Mama Sita’s Arroz Caldo

It comes in a kit of rice and spices for making a consoling bowl of ginger chicken rice porridge. Like the Champorado, it cooks on its own with the help of a rice cooker. Simply add some slices of chicken (leftover from the Thanksgiving roast is a good idea), green papaya and chili leaves.

Here’s to happier handaan with fewer headaches in the coming month (hello, Christmas season)! 

Cheers from Mama Sita’s Kitchen 🙂