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All-Natural Vinegars Get the Spotlight at the Philippine Harvest

24 July 2019|

The Philippines is home to an abundance of sauces, dips, and condiments – with every region having a distinct source or base ingredient for vinegar alone. To celebrate and promote the richness of one of its favored dips, Mama Sita’s through the Department of Tourism’s (DoT) Philippine Harvest once again showcased once again showcased its line of all-natural vinegars along with a selection of fine Filipino favorites.

As part of its long-standing advocacy, the iconic local brand expressed support for the local agricultural sector through the use of local ingredients in all of its products. For their vinegars, Mama Sita naturally ferments coconut sap to create Sukang Tuba  (Coconut Floral Sap Vinegar) and Anghang Sarap (Spiced Tuba Vinegar); flowering sheaths of mature coconut palms for their own blend of the Ilonggo classic, Sinamak; cashew fruit for fine Cashew Vinegar, and sugar cane for Sukang Iloko and Distilled CaneVinegar.

Foodies, guests, and attendees at the Philippine Harvest were also given bountiful tasting portions of local dishes which use or include varieties of these all-natural vinegars. Some of the recipes included jicama-papaya salad, lumpiang prito, Filipino-style barbecue, and watermelon gazpacho together with well-known dishes champorado and paella made with heirloom rice and adlai.

The three-day food and travel fair which ran from June 14-16, 2019 at the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City served as an opportunity for Mama Sita’s to share the stories behind some of the country’s most prominent dishes while discovering more about the local and regional ingredients that make Filipino cooking diverse.

Since 1994, Mama Sita’s All-Natural Vinegars have been made and distributed using locally sourced, naturally-fermented fruits and crops. Upholding a legacy that spans five generations of fine Filipino cooking, it continues to share the passion of Teresita  Mama Sita” Reyes by celebrating Philippine cuisine through natural flavors and timeless family recipes.