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Weeknight Special: Steamed Fish w/ Oyster Sauce

6 August 2020|

These days we always find ourselves in a bind. Now that we must work from home, one would think there is more time for taking care of ourselves and our household concerns. Surprisingly, the internal plight of many is just the opposite—when do we stop doing work and start focusing on being at home? 

We have become so connected and easy to reach that the line between work and family has become blurred: those of us who wear many hats find we have no time to change hats—we just end up piling them on top of the other!

In times like this, we find it really helpful to keep essential sauces which could really work like a miracle with a hodge-podge of ingredients we have left in the pantry until we could have another grocery run.  

Our Oyster Sauce has always been reliable, with any and all stir-fries of vegetables, noodles, and seafood. Add it to steamed okra or spinach for it brings out their natural sweetness. You also got to try our Steamed Fish with Oyster Sauce for those dinners you want something special and satisfying without having to make so much effort. Slice and place fish on a plate that fits your steamer, top with ginger and leeks and drizzle with Oyster Sauce. It works best with Tilapia and Lapu-Lapu (grouper), for the white meat of the fish becomes so tasty and tender.

Try using Oyster Sauce also for making tasty broths with seafood, noodles, dimsum. 

Despite the usual bind and blunder, we hope you always find pleasure in life and cooking!

~From your friends at Mama Sita’s Kitchen~

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