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The Sauce We Use for Almost Anything We Cook

1 June 2020|

We are launching Mama Sita’s Kusina Arabia Instagram soon, which excites us immensely because we like Middle Eastern food, the richness of it, and the spices simply stupefy our senses. But we’re not going to make our versions of Middle East cuisine. We want YOU to share your versions of Middle East food. By “YOU,” we mean those of you, whoever you are reading this from that side of the world who just celebrated Eid last week. We’d love to know what you cooked and ate during that celebration, and if you could tell us more about those dishes, we’d be happy to read your stories and drool away.

Tag your stories with #MamaSitasKusina #CookwithMamaSitas

As for Our Kusina Arabia, we’ll be sharing our collection of vegetable dishes—which could be vegetarian, or with chicken, fish, and seafood. We have plenty of sauces, as you may already know, but our ultimate favorite among our sauces is Oyster Sauce. We always have it in our cupboard because it delivers that natural “umami” flavor our palate is looking for in a dish. Its flavor complements vegetables and noodles (together or separately). It can be a stir- fry sauce, a pour-over sauce for steamed vegetables, fish, and even just scrambled eggs. We also use it to make tastier broths and fillings for spring rolls.

For those of you who have not discovered the wonder of this sauce yet, Steamed Fish is a good starter. You only need to pour over the Oyster Sauce on the fish and top with thinly sliced ginger and leeks. 

Here’s the full recipe: Steamed Fish with Oyster Sauce and explore our collection of Oyster Sauce recipes

It is one of our widely available products, and so we are confident you’ll find them, if not in big supermarkets, in the nearest Filipino or Oriental Shop near you. For our friends in the UAE, they’re available at and

Stay safe!

~From your Friends at Mama Sita’s Kitchen~