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About Us

Mama Sita’s® is a legacy that spans five generations of fine Filipino cooking. Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, the woman who inspired the pioneering line of Filipino sauces and spice mixes, had a vision to bring Philippine flavours to the world.

During her frequent overseas holidays, Mama Sita pitied the many Filipinos abroad and their children who had a daily fare of hamburgers and hotdogs, particularly in the United States.

She worried that these children would grow up without getting to savor Filipino cuisine due to the absence of necessary ingredients and the time consuming way of preparing them.

She then inspired and urged her daughter and son-in-law to develop products to answer this need. Thus, the Mama Sita’s® line of food mixes and sauces was born.

Beginning with a kare-kare (peanut sauce) mix, a hard-to-prepare Filipino dish and in a cottage industry operating in the family ancestral home, Mama Sita’s® line of mixes and sauces have grown to world-class recognition, now produced in a modern facility.

Mama Sita’s® has always believed in strict compliance to global food safety standards partnered with rich culinary heritage and adherence to natural ingredients.