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Tofu with Soy-Stir Sauce

Cooking Time: 11 mins

Serves: 4

Main Ingredients: Tofu

Cooking Style: Fried

Collection: Budget meals, Oyster Sauce

Difficulty: Beginner


  1. In a pan, heat cooking oil and fry tofu.
  2. Remove tofu from heat and drain to remove excess oil. Cut tofu into quarters. Then, set aside.
  3. In a bowl, pour Mama Sita’s Premium Coconut Nectar Vinegar and Mama Sita’s Soy-Stir Sauce. Mix well.
  4. Add the fried tofu, onion, and long green pepper. Mix well.
  5. Transfer on a plate and serve.






1/2 cup

125 mL

Cooking oil

6 pcs

1 kg


1 pc

45 g

Red onion, chopped

1 pc

8 g

Long green pepper, chopped

1 tbsp

15 mL

Mama Sita's Premium Coconut Nectar Vinegar

4 tbsp

60 mL

Mama Sita's Soy-Stir Sauce

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