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Pork Barbecue, No MSG

Cooking Time: 8 mins

Serves: 5

Main Ingredients: Pork

Difficulty: Beginner


  1. Marinate meat in Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade: No MSG, No Preservatives Added for 3 hours.
  2. Skewer meat in barbecue sticks.
  3. Grill and baste with remaining marinade with a little oil.
  4. Serve with Mama Sita’s Suka’t Sili.





6 tbsp

90 ml

Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade: No MSG

1.1 lbs

500 g

Pork meat (pork shoulder or pork steak), sliced thinly about 2 x 1 x 1/5 inch thick

20 pcs

Bamboo skewers (5 inches long), soaked in water for 10 minutes

Oil for Basting

Mama Sita's Suka't Sili