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Breaded Eggplant

Cooking Time: 6 mins

Serves: 4-5

Main Ingredients: Vegetables

Cooking Style: Deep-fried

Collection: Budget meals, Salo-salo

Difficulty: Beginner


  1. Combine eggs and water, mix well. Set aside.
  2. Pour contents of Mama Sita’s Breading Mix onto a plate or a tray.
  3. Pat dry the eggplant pieces.
  4. Roll a piece of eggplant into Mama Sita’s Breading Mix. Dip into egg mixture. Roll into bread crumbs. Shake off excess crumbs. Repeat with remaining eggplant pieces.
  5. Heat cooking oil in a deep pot. Drop breaded eggplant pieces one at a time into hot cooking oil and fry until golden brown.
  6. Drain in paper towels. Serve with Mama Sita’s Liquid Seasoning.





4 pcs

360 g

Eggplants (talong), trimmed and sliced into 1/2-in thick pieces

4 pcs

240 g

Whole eggs

1/4 cup

60 mL


1 pc

50 g

Mama Sita's Breading Mix

4 cups

200 g

Japanese bread crumbs

2 cups

500 mL

Cooking oil

Mama Sita's Liquid Seasoning

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