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Adlai Paella (using Adlai Paella Kit)

Tip: Try this recipe using a rice cooker! Simply follow steps 1-3 then transfer to a rice cooker, and it cooks automatically.

Cooking Time: 40 mins

Serves: 4-5

Main Ingredients: Rice

Cooking Style: Stir-fried

Collection: Boutique

Difficulty: Advanced

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  • Adlai Paella (using Adlai Paella Kit)

Adlai Paella using Mama Sita's Adlai Paella Kit


  1. Rinse Adlai Grits and set aside.
  2. In a 10-inch skillet or paellera, heat oil and saute garlic until golden. Add onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, meat, and shrimps. Cook over medium heat until meat is seared and shrimps turn pink. Stir in Adlai Grits and Mama Sita’s Paella Spice Mix.
  3. Add water and turn up the heat. Remove shrimps and bell pepper and set aside for garnishing. Bring to a boil.
  4. Cover and simmer until the Adlai Grits are tender. Garnish with cooked shrimps, bell peppers, and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Drizzle with olive oil, as desired.





1 pack

256 g

Mama Sita’s Adlai Paella Kit

2 tbsp

30 mL


1 head

38 g

Garlic, minced

2 pcs

38 g

Onions, minced

5 pcs

195 g

Tomatoes, medium-sized and ripe, chopped

1 pc

Red bell pepper, sliced into strips

1 pc

Green bell pepper, sliced into strips

1 cup

250 g

Meat, sliced into strips

4 pcs

85 g

Shrimps, peeled

2 cups

500 mL

Water (add more as needed)

1 pc

Hard-boiled egg, peeled and quartered

2 tbsp

Olive oil (optional)

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Cooking Style: Stir-fried