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26 June 2020

Felice Sta. Maria on Heirloom Rice Cacao Champorado Balatinaw

Felice Prudente Sta Maria is a wonderful woman, a kind, generous person, beyond being a distinguished author and culinary historian. We’ve been very lucky to have collaborated with her on several projects over the years. A couple of weeks ago, we asked her to produce a video featuring her talk ab...

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11 June 2020

Can You Imagine Filipino Food without Vinegar?

A typical Filipino meal plan would include Fried or Grilled Fish with Suka, Adobo with Ensalada, and Paksiw. They all have vinegar. Fried fish is served with spiced vinegar. Almost all Filipino restaurants and carinderias, traditional or modern, would have cruets of sawsawan (dipping sauces), with ...

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1 June 2020

The Sauce We Use for Almost Anything We Cook

We are launching Mama Sita’s Kusina Arabia Instagram soon, which excites us immensely because we like Middle Eastern food, the richness of it, and the spices simply stupefy our senses. But we’re not going to make our versions of Middle East cuisine. We want YOU to share your versions of Middle ...

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16 May 2020

Sweet Summer Dreams

Getaway Summer is in full swing. The heat is making it unbearable to stand for a long time in the kitchen. We want to make something that’s quick so we can get away from the stove as quickly as possible. If only we could have a glimpse of the greenery, things would certainly be much better. We co...

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30 April 2020

We’re delivering in Metro Manila!

How many of you doubled your internet usage over the past month? We’re raising both our hands to that. We’ve definitely missed meeting up with friends. We’re chatting more these days to catch up and check on each other. Are they healthy? Have enough supplies? How are they doing with the work f...

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17 April 2020

We Don’t Have to Do All the Cooking

The first few weeks of lockdown opened new possibilities for us in the kitchen. We’ve tried the recipes we haven’t cooked in a while like Kare-Kareng Gulay and Pochero. With leftovers squid ink sauce from Adobong Pusit, we’ve made our own version of Pancit choco en su tinta, while reminisci...

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4 April 2020

How Planning Meals Can Help Us Save Money and Time during Quarantine

These days when trips to the groceries are not convenient and leisurely anymore, and when we are uncertain up until when our budget will last before our next pay, our mission as cooks is to manage our budget and food supply well. We must make these goods last for a week or longer if we can. If you�...

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6 March 2020

Memories of Sun-kissed Guavas

It’s the season of guava, the native one, which is small—smaller than pear or apple, but can be just as crunchy, and not as small or as soft as berries. When ripe, they become pink inside and quite fragrant, at least to those people who are fond of it. For the uninitiated to Filipino cuisine, pa...

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28 February 2020

Folksy Steamed Okra Salad

As it is probably one of the least liked vegetables next to ampalaya (bitter gourd), we’re writing this with a glimmer of hope that those who are not fond of it might give awesome okra a chance. Yes, bitterness is to ampalaya, as slime is to okra. It’s that unique texture that can put some peopl...

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14 February 2020

Cooking with Cabbage

Thinking of what to cook every single day—three or more meals plus snacks per day—can sometimes exhaust us, cooks. There are days when we have all the energy and inspiration. But there are days, too, when we feel like robots working in the kitchen, mindlessly cooking, mistaking sugar for salt, a...

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